About – The Born Deficiency

Terror is sweeping the globe.  Uneasy pacts and truces are made as the economy crumbles.  History repeats itself as stand offs between emerging and established global powers become tense.  Language loses meaning, words are empty, war is peace, time is money, men are children, women are loose, vanity is fair, works sucks, crime pays and the rich watch.

In the middle (class) of all this is a man called Eddie.  A supreme Bullshit Guru of our time.  Trawling the internet for answers and some decent porn.  Stagnating he decides to set down his thoughts forever in a cloud of useless information and halitosis.  But this is no ordinary blog.  No.  It really isn’t.  In fact some would say it was extra ordinary.  Some people use blogs to do mindshits into re-usable plastic cups and put them on the landfill site that is the internet for people to see, and for the forgotten children of El Salvador to pick scraps off.  Not Eddie, he defecates his brain into a bucket, turns it upside down, then moulds the fresh faecal patter, on the pottery wheel of compassion, into a sturdy bowl, which everyone is welcome to sip from (not just homeless kids in South American countries who have to get their daily food from the rubbish dump by noon before The Sun gets to it). Known only by the title ‘The Born Deficiency’, and his full name, Eddie sets off on a fantastic voyage to his navel, in a desperate attention seeking exercise and a pathetic yet compelling stab at grey matters.

World leaders are asking questions.  Leaders are asking, questioning worlds.  Questions are leading, worldly askers.  Where has The Born Deficiency come from? (The North)  What kind of society would develop such a cretin? (The UK)  Who is paying him? (JSA)  Who will be his next target? (Freeones)  Will he ever shut up? (Unlikely). 

As time zooms by in the form of a helium cake it is clear that this man is interested in only one thing… himself.


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